My career is the result of an organic journey driven by my passions. Growing up, my father (a musician and ad man), often repeated the phrase "Blues, books and basketball". This simple motto fostered an appreciation of art, a drive to never stop learning and an affection for sport. With experience in developing and executing print, digital, social and experiential strategies for many high-end brands across several industries, I've demonstrated the ability to reach desired audiences while nurturing existing ones.

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Social, digital and content marketing are arenas that I understand. During my 10 years of exposure to marketing and advertising, I've created brand guidelines, written and implemented social media strategies, reached millions of people on the Internet, managed creative and social media departments, covered major live sports and entertainment events, spent 15 months handling social interaction on Chicago's number one ranked morning drive radio show,  directed and edited drone videos for major real estate developments and traveled all over the country in the name of experiential marketing.

I have a knack for management, ideation, skills teaching, learning new platforms and applications, production and delivery methods.

I believe that it's important to raise eyebrows while adhering to brand guidelines, something that's essential for grabbing attention in a world saturated with content.

I'm confident that I can effectively apply my techniques to any audience. After years of discovery and application, I'm always seeking challenging environments in which I'm empowered to fine-tune brand perception in a thought-provoking, unique and revenue-generating manner.

NBA on ESPN, ABC, Hanes, Verizon, T-Mobile, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, Walgreens, Pepsi, MLS, MLB, Chicago Cubs, EA Sports, Men's Fitness, Peak Performance, Under Armour

Ideation, content marketing, social media, digital marketing, content distribution, department management, presentations, graphics, video, writing, editing, web

INSTRUMENTS I PLAY (result of autodidacticism)
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Rush, Character Animator, Premiere, Flash, Acrobat)
Cinema 4D, Wordpress, Squarespace, CSS, Wirecast, Screenflow, Audacity, Guitar, Piano, Xylophone


In a world where no two platforms are the same, it's crucial that content is made to fit the space. Whether it's the aspect ratio of a video built for a specific social media channel or the perfect codec for mobile viewing with fast load times, I can create and export content built for its destination. There's nothing worse than creating something great only to find out that it doesn't quite fit the way you imagined.


The closest someone get to attending an event without actually attending the event is by streaming. I have experience live-streaming over 50 activations: From in-studio guests to concerts to basketball games.

Beyond the ability to make a viewer get a real-time glimpse of the action, there are opportunities for direct revenue generation using streaming softward such as Wirecast. This allows the stream producer to display sponsored logos, pre-recorded video, lower thirds along with many other options. The opportunity to display sponsored streaming content opens up new revenue windows to go along with expanded creative capabilities.


I learned how to use Photoshop when I was 14. Since then, I've studied graphic design and gotten comfortable with several other graphic-editing programs. This is helpful in branding, putting together compelling presentations, and creating content for social. Something I often notice on brands' social media channels is the lack of symbiosis between the social media manager and creative team. Trending topics are often a first-to-market race of who can create the best and most related meme or visual. The ability to swiftly package visual content is crucial in standing out from the rest.


During my time at Andretti Sports Marketing running the Creative Services department, I had a hand in over 25 RFP responses. I cannot share this work as it is proprietary.


Video is an exciting space for me. The challenge of taking choppy footage, making it crisp and telling a story is a skill that I am always challenging myself to get better at. Another fun thing about video is the obvious: That it moves. A decade of manipulating layers in Photoshop armed with the tools to slip rather seemlessly into Premiere and After Effects.


I've traveled thousands and thousands of miles in the name of experiential marketing for brands including NBA on ESPN, EA Sports, Peak Performance, Chicago Cubs and Mens Fitness. During this time, I managed tours, drove an ESPN-branded RV from New York to LA andmade impressions on hundreds of thousands of fans.

In addition to experiential, I've played management and documentary roles for a variety of events including sports games and concerts.

The ability to bridge the gap between physical and digital is why I feel comfortable in almost any environment. That being said, I still don't like department stores.


When it came to school, reading and writing were always my core subjects. After attending courses that were a part of the fabulous writing program at University of Iowa, I learned the fundamentals of writing in various forms. I've put this to practice with social media copy writing for agencies and serving as a writer/editor for various blogs (including several for ESPN's Truehoop Network and Hubbard Radio Chicago).